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Why Watchfire?

  • For over 85 years, the leading name in electronic signs.

  • USA made in Danville, IL.

  • Stunning graphics and video capability with over 18 Quadrillion colors.

  • Ruggedly built to resist the harshest weather conditions all year round.

  • Patented siliconized potting fully encapsulates both the front back of each module, aiding in heat dissipation as well as locking out moisture from sensitive electronics.

  • With Broadband Wireless connection and the Ignite OPx app, the Watchfire sign is easily programmed and updated from virtually anywhere.

  • Also with Broadband Wireless, automatic diagnostics are run daily on your sign to ensure worry-free operation.

  • With optional Life-of-Sign Data Plan, you NEVER pay for wireless service for your sign.

  • Full 5 year Watchfire parts warranty (backed by 5 year on-site labor from AdMedia).

  • Smart, intuitive, easy-to-use Watchfire Ignite software.

  • Includes personalized web-based software training for life of the sign.

  • Free Watchfire tech support for the life of the sign

  • Over 1,000 EasyArt animated clips with free online updates.

  • For more information, go to

We won't sell any other brand of electronic display. 
No matter what they tell you, it's just not as good as Watchfire.
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