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Why AdMedia?

  • Dedicated to timely and helpful service since 2009.

  • We've helped many churches and businesses increase walk-in traffic and enhance their presence in the community they serve.

  • We obtain all necessary permits and ensure proper installation.

  • We offer installation nationwide through our network of qualified Watchfire installers.

  • We totally back Watchfire's 5 year parts warranty with our own AdMedia 5 year on-site labor warranty.

  • AdMedia Custom Startup Package provides top-notch messages on your sign from day one.

  • You will receive knowledgeable, hands-on advice for the most effective methods of sign programming.

  • Pre-loading of the Watchfire Ignite software is available prior to your sign being installed, including our Jump-Start basic training.

  • Ongoing content management is available through AdMedia and its creative network.

  • We offer Lease Financing with flexible term options available.

  • AdMedia is a Watchfire Certified Service Partner.

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